2017-A great year for SAMSUNG, Huawei and TECNO after all

mobile share of voice

2017 will be remembered as the year of the “ultrahigh-end” smartphones – the year our favorite expensive toys, got even pricier; costing as much as a used car-a thousand dollars ($1000)!

Samsung reclaims No. 1 spot in global SoV

‘Miracles they say is hard work in summary’ and SAMSUNG Mobile has clearly reaffirmed the claim- adopting brilliant product engineering and tailored strategies for its markets supported by a robust mix of marketing, brand placement and advertising. By the end of third quarter, 2017 SAMSUNG Mobile had shipped around 83.3 million units of smartphone devices across its markets which accounted for 22.3% of gl

obal market share. Driving media impression for the brand was its revolutionary tr

io: S8, S8+ and the much refined Galaxy Note 8.

Q4 share of voice

|Teksightedge Limited global share of Voice  review combines the agency’s analyses of SoV data from sub-Saharan Africa (particularly Nigeria market) with data collected from international markets (Europe, Americas, MEA and Asian pacific). Data from digital media channels was largely gathered for these analyses however, offline data was capture where possible for the local markets |

Apple– X steals the shine from S8 and 8+

Apple marked a milestone achievement in 2017 releasing for the first time in its illustrious history three iPhone models (iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X) in one year. The world’s most valuable brand Apple was second best in media impressions across shared markets, when compared to SAMSUNG at the end of Q4 2017. This could be due largely to the overshadowing buzz of the much spotlighted anniversary iPhone version ‘X’ which appeared to have shifted consumer demands from preceding models S8 and 8+ and the quarter backlash with Apple community over performance glitches in older iPhone models (iPhone 6, 6S and SE).

Although the iPhone enjoyed quarter-over-quarter increase in shipment units up 2.6% from 45.5 million units in previous (2016) to 46.7 million units at the end of Q3, 2017, it was the iPhone X that drove the most media impressions across markets.


Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi on the rise

While on the one hand,  traditional top players the likes of SONY, HTC etc., slip in global SoV with timid global marketing in 2017 and significantly tamed mobile shipment figures, the Chinese trio: Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi on the other, advanced aggressively into non-Asian Pacific markets having adopted a compact mix of product innovation, competitive pricing and huge marketing budget to significantly boost their brand’s global share of voice (SoV) across Europe, America and MEA markets.


At the local scene-TECNO Mobile still dominant and NOKIA make a shy impression

TECNO Mobile’s emboldened push with mix growth strategies supported by significant marketing and advertising budgets throughout the 2017 fiscal year saw the brand retain its undisputed top spot in share of voice (SoV) within the Nigeria market (see charts for share of voice in local markets below).

NOKIA on the other hand, struggled to carve out a space in the local media for its re-launch campaign and could have an even steeper climb back to the top in 2018 against new entrants from China and older OEM market leaders the likes of SAMSUNG, TECNO, Huawei, Apple, Infinix and Gionee.

Stiffer competition among OEM brands in 2018

As the global economy is predicted to grow in 2018 with economies such as the United States, Germany and Italy tipped to drive global trade, leading OEM vendors and entrants especially from the Asian pacific will be at greater logger heads to win market shares.  Unique product development and clever media strategies will play a critical role for mobile brands that will grow their market share in the year ahead.

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