2019 LG ThinQ TVs to get Alexa


LG will soon allow you to communicate with your TVs just like you do with your smartphones

At the previous CES event, LG promised that its Think Q TVs will be getting support for  Amazon’s Alexa which it teased will come as an in-built feature for the upcoming Think Q TV series. Now the company is announcing the arrival of the feature in at least 14 countries, although, it is yet to announce which country is or is not among the list.

While some of these TVs already host the Google’s Assistant feature, you’ll be able to use Alexa on any of the ThinQ AI 4K models including NanoCell and OLED models. If you own one, you’ll be able to access numerous Alexa Skills, ask questions, control smart home devices and more, without needing an Echo or other Alexa devices as before.

Also, just like you do with your smartphones or speakers, you will be able to string together a series of commands using Alexa routines. For instance, you can get the traffic, weather and your agenda for the day by saying, “Alexa, start my morning.” In addition to that, you can also listen to music, audiobooks, and other content, and get all the latest Alexa updates and features.

A reliable source informs that other NanoCell TVs will also get the newly launched Airplay 2 alongside the 2019 LG OLED, and the upcoming Thin Q TVs. In addition to this, all the listed TVs will further get HomeKit via updates sometime in mid-2019. That’ll let you use Siri to control HomeKit devices and check out videos and photos using the Apple TV app.

As a reminder, LG’s deep ThinQ AI lineup runs the gamut from an 8K OLED TV which will likely cost a fortune, to the still-very-expensive OLEDW9 “wallpaper” models that start at $7,000, down to the NanoCell LCD and cheaper non-NanoCell LCD models. For a start, customers in North America will receive the update this month, followed by European customers in the weeks to come, and then other locations follow afterward.

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