2019 welcomes 230 new emojis and it includes wheelchair, sloth, Waffles…


Just in less than six weeks into the new year, Unicode Consortium is offering the highest number of emojis at a go, and interestingly, it is enough to take us throughout the year

Unicode Consortium is the non-profit regulatory body in charge of emojis, and most importantly, there is no new emoji you see on your smartphones that don’t pass through the organization for critics considerations. While this year’s selection of emoji is not specifically about any party, the list of new emojis numbers up to  59 new base emoji (230 if you include all gender and skin variations) is both inclusive and eclectic. To start, Apple’s accessibility emoji play a central role: you’ll find wheelchairs, guide dogs and deaf people, among other additions. Beyond those, you’ll find many different couple combinations based on skin color and gender.

Among the new list of emojis, you will find some that are sillier, and some others funny. Basically, every new emoji is in place to make communication more descriptive and understandable, and in some cases, emotional-attached. New animals include a sloth, a flamingo, and an orangutan, while foodies will like the presence of a waffle, a juice box, and an onion. You’ll also find a Hindu temple, a sari and a tuk-tuk among the other additions.

You’ll have to wait a while to see them. Unicode says new emoji “typically” arrive in September and October, or right around when Apple and Google release their major OS updates. You might have to wait later still if your Android device maker doesn’t provide updates right away. Still, these are welcome additions if you’re looking for more ways to express yourself.

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