3 Steps To Increasing Your Laptop Security

Owning a laptop is one thing but maintaining it is another thing entirely. There are so many steps to take to keep your files safe from malware, physical and technical damages and from attackers. Here are 3 out of many steps to keep your laptop secure:

1. Use a Kensington Cable: A Kensington cable is used to fasten laptops to a location. If you share an office or leave your laptop unattended in (semi-)public places, you can greatly reduce the chance of your laptop being stolen by tying it to the table using a Kensington table. If you use your laptop only in trusted places or never let it out of your sight, then these cables aren’t necessary.

2. Laptop Covers: you can also protect your laptop from scratches and dents by putting a protective cover on it. A laptop case can be used. Laptop cases can be ordered online. A hard case or pouch can also be used. You can also customize the look of your laptop.

3. Set up Location finding: it is advisable to enable a location finding service or app on your laptop in case of theft. The only downside to this step is that the service may be able to track you but usage of this service has been successful.

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