4 Ingenious Ways That Technology Can Defuse Population Time Bomb in Nigeria

Population time bomb Nigeria

According to the United Nation, it is estimated that the overall population of Nigeria (which is currently about 198million) will more than double by the end of 2050, that’s more than twice the current poverty index in the country. But thanks to tech, this population time bomb can either be defused or at least delayed. Here are 4 of the ingenious ways to defuse the impending population time bomb in Nigeria:

Sex Doll Legalisation

population time bomb Nigeria

Enforcing the use of sex dolls by the Nigerian Government (a tough act in a religious country like ours) should satisfy the sexual cravings of Nigerian men (mostly the pervs) which could go a long way in stemming our rapid population growth rate.

Cheap Video Games

Population time bomb Nigeria

One major hobby that guys and in men in general love the most after sex is video games. But major game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don’t come cheap. Subsidising these consoles will keep the mind preoccupied and the “other room” empty.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

population time bomb Nigeria

The 4th Industrial Revolution – wherein the world is swamped with driverless cars, robot factory workers, 5G and AI – is for real. Massive investment in these Nexgen technologies by the government could curb population growth by limiting physical intimacy between two healthy heterogeneous couples.


A Mini Snap

population time bomb Nigeria

This might sound morbid and genocidal but the Thanos model could come in handy (all pun intended). The government could create/purchase the Gauntlet and randomly and dispassionately snap half of Nigeria’s population out of existence. This is surely the fastest way to cut the ever-increasing population growth. We could always snap them back into existence (the Hulk style) at a convenient date.

NB: This is by no mean a serious list but a satirical look at the dangerously increasing population growth in Nigeria.

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