5 Business Lessons Nigerian Startups Can Learn From Pornhub


I can bet my entire Piggyvest savings that everyone who will read this has once or twice done time on this popular porn site, Pornhub. As a business owner though, there is actually more to learn from one of – if not – the most visited porn website in Nigeria than just the usual midnight self-gratification. Here are 5 top-notch business lessons you can learn from Pornhub.

Create a Multi Distribution Network


One of the best things about the Pornhub platform is that users can seamlessly share content across different online channels.
This formula can be widely adopted by Nigerian tech entrepreneurs for their respective product offerings. This is the best way to scale fast.

Let Users Generate Revenue From Your Startup


Giving users/consumers a slice of the pie (by letting them earn some form of income) is one of the quickest ways to ensure your product or startup goes viral.
Pornhub has mastered this art quite awesomely

Be Ahead of the Competition

Pornhub offers a variety of unique categories and contents that give it the edge over the other competitors in the online porn space.
Is your product offering unique? Will it sway consumers to your brand? Will it keep your brand ahead of the Competition? Answering these questions genuinely will go a long way.

It’s All About Data

Amateur Videos are the best offerings on the Pornhub platform, this induction – which helps the porn company focus majorly on realistic porn videos from regular folks – is based on the number of views, likes, and shares on such contents.
It’s necessary to regularly analyse your backend data to deduce what matters most for your brand.

Your Target Audience is Key, Treat Them Like Gold

The ultimate golden rule for the popular porn site is to connect deeply with its audience by consistently giving them want.
Adopt this strategy now and see your brand grow exponentially.

What do you think about these lessons? Do you think it will help your startup? Comment below…

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