5 Reasons Why ORide Should Be Overhauled


ORide has recently dominated the majority share of the market across various states in Nigeria, however, failing to put in place necessary standard measures

There is no doubt that the Opera-backed ORide has been doing a lot towards dominating the bike-hailing market in Nigeria, cutting across so many states including Lagos, its biggest market, Ibadan, Kwara, among others.

The bike-hailing service has deployed thousands of bikes across the streets of the respective States in which it has established a presence, and at that may have failed or perhaps faulted in several standard measures, some of which I will be writing about moving forward.

While profit-making is important for ORide, there is a need to look closely into the operational system consistently while ensuring that there are no lapses in its deliveries which is considered as the most important determinant factor for sustainability.

Below are a few reasons why ORide should consider an overhauling of its ride-hailing operational system;

Helmet Used by Bikers and Riders

ORide has the largest number of Bikers and while that is a plus for the bike-hailing service, it also comes with a lot of ‘buts’– one of them is the use of ‘wrong helmet’ by Bikers or Riders. As part of its safety measures, ORide has made sure to provide its bikers with quality Helmets, however, over time, some Bikers have switched to the traditional helmet which is considered to be inferior compared to what was provided by the company initially. As a result, you tend to see Bikers and riders wearing different kinds of unbranded helmets– which apart from the fact that they are not strong– they also alter the branding of the bike-hailing service.

Types of Bikes

In accordance with Lagos State regulations, as well as meeting government standards for load-bearing on major Lagos roads– ORide uses bikes with engine capacities of 200 cc and above. However, we have got to find out that, over time, certain Bikers have gone against the rule, and have switched to using Bikes with lesser capacity, while maintaining the company’s branding.

As much as this is a red flag based on government regulation, it also poses a great risk to both Bikers and riders. Also, while ORide has failed to closely monitor the operation of its fleet, it is suddenly becoming a norm across the States in which the company has an established presence.

Bikers’ Physical Appearance

Unlike other bike-hailing services, many of ORide Bikers are mostly guilty of incorporate dressing. At the time of launch, ORide had provided its Bikers with kits such as branded helmet, overall jacket, etc. While all of these things showcases the brand’s representation, a lot of bikers have failed to comply with the company’s rule, putting on random wears.

Professional Bikers

There have been a lot of reports with respect to reckless driving by bikers of the various ride-hailing service, and as a matter of fact, a majority of the complaints are directed to ‘ORiders’. While this is not solely the fault of the company– the company could also be blamed for its failure to properly put it bikers through rigorous training as Gokada (for instance) did a couple of months back.

Consistent Accident Report

It is no longer news that ORide has the highest track record of accidents among the several bike-hailing services so far. While the traditional bikes are tagged as “prone to an accident”, bike-hailing services, on the other hand, are tagged as an advanced biking system, and at that are supposed to offer more safety in their own case. However, ORide has not proven to be a better alternative to traditional bikes lately as there are MORE reports of road accidents than ever– and certainly more than any other bike-hailing service has recorded in recent times.

While this article is not written to criticize ORide’s effort so far, it is only to emphasize the reason why the company should consider an overhauling of its operating system.



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