A Useful Android Privacy Tool that can Save You From Data-hungry Apps

This piece is for the frequent Android users, and for all those who may be tired of granting app permission all the time

Well for just $1.99, which is relatively affordable for most smartphone users,  you have an application, namely, Bouncer that can solve for you some of these problems.

Bouncer is an Android application that allows you to temporarily grant permission to Android apps. It also gives you more control over apps. It also allows you to auto move apps right after.

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How does it work?

First, download the app. Once you do, you have to grant bouncer access to perform its duties as an app. Continue using your apps as you normally would. When its time to witness bouncer, you would know. It only comes up when you are required to toggle permission.

For example, an app has just requested permission and you grant it. Well, Bouncer will display a notification that asks whether or not you would like to revoke the permission later on.

If you choose to keep the apps permission enabled, the bouncer can certainly help you with that. Simply select the “Keep” option if you want to enable the permission, and select “Schedule” to enable the App’s permission but with a delay.

if you also decide not to enable an app’s permission? What you have to do here is to select the “Remove” option. When you select “Remove,” Bouncer will immediately open the app’s settings after you have closed the app and will revoke the app’s permission.

Bouncer can be very helpful seeing as it assists you in choosing and keeping track of which apps have permissions and which don’t. It even allows you to check through the sensitive permissions used by apps on your device. To get in on this feature, simply scroll through “All Apps” or browse according to permission using keywords like “Camera” or “Location.”

Let’s do a re-run;

Tap an app to determine what permissions you have granted it. After selecting a permission, the app would be at your beck and call; afterward, it would ask if you would like to make a revert. If you confirm for the app’s permission to be reverted, Bouncer will then automate the process right before your eyes!

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The app has a Settings feature that lets you to personalize your experience. To try this feature out, just select the Settings gear and pick various options such as how long to wait by default before the app pulls permission, whether Bouncer will remember your choices for future use, and whether or not a notification is to be locked to avoid you missing it.

This app is an amazing and affordable way to overcome the privacy and security issues that arise with owning an Android.

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