Abeokuta Gets Her First Ride-Hailing Service In Pickmeup

Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and recently Benin have been cities that have been actively dominated by the services of ride-hailing companies like Bolt and Uber, which has helped redefine the transport systems in these cities.

As the development of tech-enhanced services has helped bridge a lot of inconveniences and human haggles for the price before hopping on a ride.

While users have had the good and bad experience tales of these services, the comfort it brings cannot be traded for anything close to a public transport system. Thus, cities who have not had any experience of these hailing system would not be able to tell the difference and most likely would not understand the power of disruption and the changes and redefinition it would bring to the economy in terms of transportation, which is a major commodity in the everyday living of people across the world.

Today, Lime Stone city Abeokuta joins the league of cities who operate its own distinct ride-hailing system different from the traditional green and yellow taxi system the state operates.

The service, which is an offspring of logistic company Pickmeup, was created to boost the Startup’s total revenue a major challenge the company has been trying to fix since 2018, despite offering services such as Laundry and Food delivery in Abeokuta.

Intending users can now download the App from the Google Play store to make use of the service also, like Uber and Bolt the brand operates a connection mode and does not own the cars that are listed on its platform.

Also, Pickmeup’s Creative Director, Abimbola believes in the greater possibility of the brand growing to the best it can as it has set its target market within the Abeokuta South region, which is a bubbling hive for students and Civic-Servants.

Pickmeup is co-founded by Oretuga Adewale and Abimbola Moses Adeitan and currently operates in Abeokuta, but hopes to expand into Ibadan and other Southwestern markets soon.


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