Abode set to include Home kit to its new smart home hub


Abode is about to take over the smart home hub tech space, and the inclusion of the Home kit is its way of kickstarting

For many, like me who haven’t really felt so much impact from the Abode team, then you are about to get shocked with the latest development to bring its smart home kit into the smart home hub tech space.

While the new development is part of the company’s way of fulfilling its promise for the support of Home kit; it is also unveiling of a second-gen security system, although the company says both versions will work with Apple’s smart home platform. This was confirmed by a post that was sighted by one of our reliable sources, and it read as follow;

HomeKit integration will be delivered via a future firmware update to both Gen 1 and Gen 2 gateways.

”On the HomeKit front, Abode is 100 percent committed to bringing that functionality to users across our entire ecosystem of products and plan to have additional news to announce soon,” said Abode CEO Chris Carney in a press release.

The Gen 2 gateway features a built-in 93db+ siren, 4G data backup (requiring a monthly plan), and a battery that’ll keep the gateway and your home security running for several hours should the power get cut.

Outside of HomeKit, Gen 2 is mainly notable for its inclusion of 4G cellular data backup on some models (if you subscribe to a plan) as well as the addition of Z-Wave Plus. It’s clearly designed with home security in mind, thanks, a built-in battery for home security as well as a 93db siren.

The upgraded gateway will be part of a new $279 (₦101,066) starter kit, but Gen 1 customers can upgrade to the new gateway for $199 (₦72,000). HomeKit support is promised for both, but when should we expect it to arrive?

Previously, Abode first unveiled its DIY Security System for homes with promised HomeKit support back at CES last year in January 2018, but the hardware shipped without active HomeKit support. The company was later acquired by Nice in April 2018 when it teased a summer release for HomeKit support. Slipping release targets certainly isn’t uncommon for potential HomeKit products. Certification has similarly been tricky for smart doorbell cameras and other categories in the past. As ever, it’s generally good advice to wait until a feature you want is available before buying a smart home product.

There is still a little to talk about the Abode Home Kit, but we are sure to get you informed when more information is offered from Abode.

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