How to activate hidden Instagram hacks and features


Instagram is everyone’s favorite social network. Statistically 32% of online adults use Instagram to post pictures and videos of their daily lives (Pew Research Center). From fashionpreneurs to slay queens to businesses to guys who are constantly on the DM prowl, everyone is on Instagram to connect with people.

Whether you use it daily, weekly or monthly, there are hidden hacks and features you’ve never heard about, so let me surprise you. Here is a complete list of hidden Instagram hacks and features you should be using.

Clear Your Search History

You can definitely relate to the desire to clear out your Instagram search history because there are things you just want to keep private. Well, Luckily, you can.

To clear your search history on IG, go to your own profile and click the “Options” button (which is a gear icon on iPhone/iPad and three dots on Android).

Scroll down and click “Clear Search History.” When prompted, click “Yes, I’m sure.”

Hide Filters You Don’t Use

Instagram filters are awesome but you definitely don’t use all of them all the time, to make your photo editing faster and easier on Instagram, you can hide filters you don’t touch.

To hide filters, add a new post and begin editing it. When you get to the filters page, scroll to the very far right of your filters options and click “Manage.”

To hide them filters, deselect the checkmark to the right.

Replace your phone photo editor with Instagram

If you want to explore Instagram’s filters and editing capabilities without having to post anything, all you need to do is publish a picture while your phone is on airplane mode.

Ensure you have “Save Original Photo” turned on in your settings.

Just follow the normal steps to post a photo to Instagram: Upload the photo, edit it, and press “Share.” An error message will appear saying the upload failed, you’ll be able to find the edited image in your phone’s photo gallery.

Publish Links

Publishing clickable URLs on Instagram aren’t allowed anywhere except the single “website” box in your bio.

One simply way to get people to visit your Instagram profile, which is where that one clickable URL is allowed, is to constantly use your photo captions to encourage people to visit your profile for a link.

You just have to update that URL frequently to point to your latest blog content, YouTube video, product, or offer.


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1 year ago

This is so cool.