Aero Contractors’ Website Was Disrupted By ISIS-Related Hackers


Nigeria airline company, Aero contractor was subjected to a hack on Tuesday, 13th of August, by a group allegedly tied to ISIS

The airline company Website although now back to operation, was under arrest for a couple of hours by a group namely Moroccan Revolution Team (M.R.T), a hacker group with alleged ties to ISIS. While it happened around the evening of the said date, yesterday, it was first noticed on Twitter, where people started talking about it. Apparently, some customers have tried to book for flights at that hour of the day, however, on reaching the website, they were hindered by what appears to be a message from the said ISIS-tied group.

As seen in the image above, the M.R.T group has passed a warning in an apparent hack that “I’M COMING FOR YOU’ ‘Stop The Waar’. While the message was not specific, it is hard to decode what it actually meant, however, considering that it was found on the airline’s website, it is easy to say that the message was meant for the Nigerian company, and for some reason customers may be scared of booking flight on the platform for now.

Aero contractor was, however, not the only victim here, about 28 other airline companies across the globe were also hacked respectively on the same day, so it might not really be an isolated case as many would have thought. It was just unfortunate that Aero contractors’ website was porous enough for the M.R.T group to carry out their activity.

Also, while several people seem to be skeptical about the whole event involving Aero contractor, the airline company has still not published any public statement regarding the hack, however, while we contacted one of the customer care units, we were told that the issue has been fixed, and not to worry about any potential danger, as it is a mere slack on their security part.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first time that a Nigeria airline had to undergo a cyber-security breach, Arik has once experienced the same sometimes in 2018 when Justin Paine, the Head of Trust & Safety at Cloudflare found an exposed Amazon S3 bucket which was reportedly the source of leaked customer data. However, Aero contractors’ situation is a bit different, considering that it has to do with ISIS, a very popular terrorist group which is ranked as one of the top three most dangerous around the globe.

Well, not to plant fear in people’s mind, it might just be one of the group’s strategies to reach out to many people around the world. Hopefully, it is not a personal issue with the company itself, however, we can keep waiting until the company publishes a public note with respect to the event.


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