African Countries Records the Least Death Toll to COVID-19

    Surprisingly, Africa has recorded the least fatality rate so far amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has claimed no fewer than 61,000 lives

    It’s been months now since the first case of coronavirus patient was confirmed in Wuhan China, and just like wildfire, the disease has further spread across the other continents beyond Asia where it first debut.

    Just yesterday, confirmed cases for COVID-19 hit a high mark of 1million and fast-forward to Today, it grew by over 10%, bringing the current case to over 1.13 million. The United State of America has so far recorded the most cases with over 278,000 confirmed cases, overtaking the likes of China, Italy, and Spain who at some point were first on the leader board of countries with the most cases.

    Spain which now records the second most confirmed cases has over 124,000 confirmed cases; followed closely by Italy which has so far recorded no fewer than, 119,000, and then Germany, France, China (which use to be the global epi-center), Iran, and the UK all of which records no fewer than, 91,000; 82,000; 81,000; 55,000; 41,000 respectively.

    Here is the irony (or perhaps, surprising) part of the ongoing pandemic. It would be expected that there would be a very scary situation (possibly uncontrollable confirmed cases as well as death toll) should there be an outbreak of the COVID-19 in any part of the Africa region; however, contrary to the public opinion, African countries appear to be the smartest or let me say luckiest in these trying times.

    As of the time of writing this article, countries in Africa have recorded the least confirmed cases as well as the fatality rate so far. Currently, South Africa maintains the lead in the region with total confirmed cases of about 1,595, with death cases still below the 70 mark. Egypt follows with 985 confirmed cases and 66 deaths respectively. Morocco and Cameroon follow closely with 858 and 509 confirmed cases with 4 and 8 death cases respectively.

    While countries like Rwanda, Guinea, Uganda, Benin, Burundi, Guinea Bissau among others have had several confirmed cases, none of them have recorded any death case due to the COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic. Other Africa countries with very low death rates also include Botswana, Gambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Mali, among others with all of them recording fewer than 20 death cases. More surprisingly, Countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, and Ghana who have recorded hundreds of confirmed cases have since recorded fewer than 10 death cases.

    Africa has always found strength in whatever war they fight, and yes! this is another testimony of such fact. While the ongoing pandemic may last even longer than expected, we can only but hope that not just Africa but the whole world will have enough strength to fight the war waged by the deadly coronavirus until the very end.

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