AI is helping doctors detect cervical cancer faster and effectively


It is recommended that we go regularly for checkups in order to ensure that we are healthy and that there are no issues with general health. However, it has been observed that doctors sometimes miss vital details about our health which can eventually lead to death if not detected early. For this reason, we’re starting to see AI being trained to detect terminal diseases like cancer.

Recently, researchers at the National Cancer Institute and Global Good have developed an algorithm that can apparently identify precancerous changes in a woman’s cervix and it is said to be 1.3 times better compared to standard tests. Usually, one of the tests used to detect cervical cancer involves swabbing the cervix with a solution, but it seems that this isn’t particularly effective as sometimes the results might be confused between an infection, inflammation, or precancer.

Therefore, by training an AI to know what precancer is supposed to look like, it detects cancer faster and more effective when compared to humans. When AI algorithms are trained to detect patterns, they help determine whether there’s a tumour on a CT scan faster than humans, which in turn helps doctors know how to go about treating the patient.

Although this might take a while before it is fully implemented, at least it is worthy to say this is a step in the right direction.

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