AI now translates in an offline mode on Microsoft Translator

AI now translates in an offline mode on Microsoft Translator

You’d all agree with me that translation apps come handy when travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language. As bad as it can get, sometimes you even need to memorize some basic phrases just to ensure that you get connectivity in order to use a translator. Nonetheless, Microsoft has noticed this problem and wants to make that initial step even easier, which is why the company has now updated the Microsoft Translator app with offline AI translations.

These days, most major translation apps are capable of working offline, however, they can’t use powerful machine learning algorithms to go beyond offering just basic translations. However, this will now be possible on the Microsoft Translator app for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire with this move. The app will be able to some extent run “neural” translations even when it is offline.

It is also worthy to note that Microsoft has made this happen without requiring users have a device that uses a separate AI chip, which is normally used for on-device AI computations i.e. the new feature in Microsoft Translator will be available for a majority of the smartphones out in the market today.

According to the company’s spokesperson, he states that the new translation packs are much better and that they are capable of providing more human-like translation than the previous translation packs. The updated language packs are available for Arabic, Chinese-Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. It will add more languages to the list in the future.

The updated app is now available for download via the Google Play Store for Android however; iOS users still have to wait for a few days for the app to clear Apple’s App Store listing process.

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