Airbus flying Car can transform into a drone

Geneva Motor Show has been one of the most fascinating on the tech space, several car concepts have continued to roll-out.

First, Volkswagen unveiled I. D. Vizzion, a self-driving car without a steering wheel and a brake pad, and now Airbus in collaboration with Italdesign and Audi has unveiled Pop. Up Capsule a car that can transform into a drone.

The concept of this car was constructed around a two-seater Smart Car-sized Monocoque. As a car Pop. Up Capsule rides on its regular wheels and can be converted into a flying object with the help of a humongous drone module, which helps hoist the car into the air for a vertical flight.

This car is not about the hardware only; it employs an AI system that operates with its user’s knowledge, managing the travel complexity offering its user alternative usage scenarios, which promises a seamless travelling experience.

The car also has a communicative interface, which permits the user to have dialogue with it in a virtual environment, using a speech, face recognition; eye tracking and a touch function perform the interaction between both parties.

The Pop. Up Capsule car is exploring the possibilities of having smarter cars, especially as car battery technology improves on a futuristic ground.

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