Airtel 4G Appears The Biggest Scam of The year


    The world has begun the 5G campaign and it looks like the Nigerian society hasn’t even drank from the 3G cup.

    Firstly,  data is unnecessarily expensive, which means that the average Nigerian cannot spend as much time on the internet as their fellow counterparts in other countries of the world.

    That’s cool, at the moment,  Nigerians have seen this as a cross to bear, those that cannot afford these supposedly expensive data plans have begun to opt for the similarly low price bundles,  but trust me, in all it is a verified scam.

    Secondly, cost never matches efficiency in terms of mobile data in Nigeria. I am certain that one out of 10 Nigerians today have had to quit a particular page, because the internet would just not connect.

    Yet, we have had mobile telecom companies in this country give us brand copies and slogans like “Data is life” “everywhere you” and recently “Data is oxygen ” but the truth is that there is no truth in what they preach.

    Expensive ads and communication materials can put brands in the mind of users, but the commodity they deliver and the delivery method is what keeps them in.

    This is in no way a witchhunt,  this is an expression of a pent up emotional frustration.  Airtel despite preaching that data is down has had hours of internet downtime without prior notification of users.

    Now, it looks like active duties and activities cannot effectively run using the network.  After placing a call through to 111, I got the information I  should have been given beforehand.

    For, this is an umbrella problem and the motherboard  NCC should do a lot more for Nigerians in terms of data and relatively fast internet.  The world as a whole has moved into an era of IoT, yet Nigeria still crawls behind,  because we haven’t gotten one of the fundamental principles of this age right.

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