Akiddie to Create the Largest Collection of African Stories for Children

Akkidie, a subscription-based online platform is planning to create the largest collection of African stories for children

Prior to this time, children gather under the moonlight to listen to folktales from the elders in their native language.

However, things have changed because children can easily access stories like that from their school books.

Coming back to Akkidie, it has stories of different cultures, tribes, religions, and even continents. This is because most children live out of their native lands and cannot speak their native language.

To solve this mystery, Dominic Onyekachi decided to launch Akiddie so children can have access to different genres of literature.

To bring this to manifestation, the company was able to acquire the sum of $3,000 (₦1.1million) which allowed them to create 20 books and their website.

The platform is an online collection of African children’s stories. Akiddie writes, illustrates, and translates children’s picture books.

Interestingly, these storybooks are available in different local languages, covering themes from financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Gender equality is also included.

“This makes us more flexible than they are, we offer more languages, books, and options for a fraction of their cost,” Onyekachi said.

Akiddie has been in beta phase and has remained free to users since 2019. The platform however launched a subscription model that reduces the number of books a user can read.

With just #600, parents can have access to as much as 20 books on the platform.

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