Alexa’s voice Will Be More Emotional

Amazon is always full of surprises, and just in the latest development, it is introducing us to the new emotional Alexa which can now express disappointment and excitement

Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon could now to be respond to questions from U.S users with a happy or exited and disappointed/ empathetic tone. This was announced by Amazon who stated that the vaguely-robotic voice is coming soon. 

The respond comes when you ask about details of a particular event, such a movie, wrestling and also when you asking for a sports score. In a video shared by Amazon, you could hear the different voices. Three for each emotion at increasing levels of excitement or disappointment.

This is actually not the first time Amazon is launching its intonation for Alexa. The company launched a newscaster-like voice for US customers in January. The company also announced that developers can use another new voice designed to discuss music.

The voices have slightly different intonations and flow than the standard Alexa voice, and they sound like a newscaster or a radio DJ’s voice you will like to hear on radio or Television. 




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