Crucible, Amazon Launches Its First Big-Budget Video Game

Amazon has expanded its position in the gamigkkkkkkkkk industry with the release of Crucible on Wednesday

The free-to-play shooter – incorporating elements similar to popular games like the Overwatch of Activision Blizzard, the Fortnite of Epic Games and the League of Legends of Riot Games  is Amazon’s first big-budget game since the company’s gaming branch, Amazon Game Studios, was established in 2012.

With Crucible, Amazon Game Studios finally moved away from the tablet-based games it produced over the years to deliver one of the originally announced PC titles in 2016.

Screen from the movie "Crucible."
Crucible. Source: Amazon

Gaming isn’t a pillar in operation for Amazon. Live-streaming platform Twitch, acquired by Amazon for $970 million in 2014, is the only big foothold in gaming space for the company.

Originally, Amazon’s focused framework has been structured towards boosting Amazon Prime memberships, the corporation’s subscription program. Prime clients tend to be more loyal to the business and spend more money.

Nonetheless, the arrival of Crucible ensures Amazon becomes the first tech company to produce a big-budget title, rather than Microsoft. Gradually, many businesses crowd into the room.

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Crucible ‘s release for shooter games does come in a particularly competitive year. Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone, released in March, reached 50 million downloads in the first month alone while League of Legends developer Riot Games is planning sometime this year to deliver the widely awaited Valorant title. Even though Crucible flops, Pachter doesn’t think it will be the end of Amazon’s gaming ambitions.

“Games is a hard business, so it makes sense that it takes a while to develop a hit and [it] makes sense that they will tweak their model and headcount as they evolve,” said Pachter. “If they can’t compete with Crucible, they’ll try with New World. If that doesn’t work, they’ll try again.” 

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