Amazon may be considering a free, ad-supported Music service


Diversity is one of the substances that make up innovation, and for a brand to go farther, it is important to put it into consideration

Amazon takes a ‘B’ grade in terms of Diversification, and while that is been stated in my own opinion, the same can be testified by several other sources. The American multinational technology company has over the years ventured into a different field such as the e-commerce, Streaming service, electronics among several others, and until today, the company may still be considering other fields to latch on as long as it is profit-orientated.

The latest in Amazon’s list of possibilities is a Music streaming service like that of Spotify, although rumors have it that the company may be considering a free ad-supported service which will likely be the big difference between its own service and other profit-making Music streaming service including Spotify, and Apple Music. You’d only have access to a “limited catalog,” but this would also give you something to play on your Echo speaker without having to pay or sign up for another service.

For now, a lot of things are still unclear about the upcoming service, ranging from availability of musical contents to pricing of the service. Also, there is no hint yet on how the ad will run on the service, however, it is certain that it will be as disturbing as most other services that support ads as well.

Also, one more thing that is still not certain is the launch of the new service, giving that Amazon has rather chosen to be silent about the whole rumor since it hit the internet. Although its existing pay-only services (Prime Music and Music Unlimited) have been relatively widely adopted with a total of 20 million subscribers as of 2018, it’s unclear how many of those people actually listen. Prime Music is more of a bonus than something listeners seek out. Even if a free service didn’t have a larger catalog than Prime Music, it’d have a much larger potential audience and would make Amazon more of a contender in addition to selling more Alexa-equipped devices.



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