Amazon could be working on a cloud-based gaming service

What does cloud-based gaming service actually mean? maybe playing games on the net or could it mean streaming?

Just so you know, that was exactly what ran through my mind when I first had of the cloud thing, and yes! it seems Amazon is working on a streaming service. For the record, it’s not just any kind of streaming service, rather, it is a gaming streaming service. This does not mean that you can watch someone else play a game even when they are not close by- that can be categorised to one of their other product, ‘Twitch’ which is in place for that kind of purpose. This kind of streaming service is one that allows you to play games without waiting for a download or buying a disc because they’re actually running on powerful servers that live far away from your house.

Various other sources are also of the opinion that Amazon is currently working on a cloud gaming service, which is expected to launch before 2020. To make this sound a lot more genuine, one of the company’s job posting shows that it is hiring at least two engineers from Seattle and California specifically to work on “Cloud Games.” in addition, another job posting

 for a “Lead Cross Platform Game Engineer” explicitly says that Amazon has a new game business up to its sleeves: “This is a rare opportunity to take a technical leadership role to shape the foundation of an unannounced AAA games business.”

Another post, although might not be related, is looking for an AI engineer who’ll work with cloud experts to help develop “a never before seen kind of game.” It makes sense that Amazon would dive into cloud gaming, considering that it’s one of the few gigantic cloud companies that already have the know-how to make it happen — and competitors are already on board. Microsoft announced its xCloud cloud gaming services at E3 last June, which might stream games to a tiny new Xbox, as well as existing consoles, computers and phones, and Google is currently trialing its project Stream to show that low-end computers can run the latest Assassin’s Creed in a mere web browser.

All of this, after all, may be genuine, considering that the company has the capacity to venture into Cloud gaming. Amazon already has its own game studio and its own cloud business that sells services to third-party game studios, make it tough to say whether Amazon is seriously pursuing cloud gaming in a big way now. It’s possible something got lost in translation — this might just be another experiment, or even just a hedge against Microsoft and Google if cloud gaming becomes a thing this time around.

You know what interest me here? If the report is somewhat true, then I can perceive a great competition between internet giants for the future of gaming. Sony is a big brand it is into cloud gaming already; so what happens when the like of Amazon comes on board.

Note; Amazon has an upper hand when it comes to cloud gaming, considering that infrastructure is important for cloud gaming. You can’t live off a company’s servers, or else a game will lag to the point it’s unplayable. So Amazon, which arguably has more infrastructure in place than a Google or Sony, could easily be the ‘go to’ for most game lovers.

If you think otherwise, you can share your thought in the comment section below.

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