Amazon Music Soars By 70 Percent In Terms Of Subscribers

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The largest music streaming services In the US still remains Spotify, and Apple Music, with Amazon coming up so strong from behind

Talking about Music streaming service, it is an entirely different ball game compared to video and gaming services. Of course none of the other two categories pose any less difficulty, however, the music streaming services often have more activities to deal with in terms of management and publication.

Amazon has been in the same race with the likes of Spotify, and Apple Music, although not exactly on the same pace, however, it is only a matter of time before the narrative changes.

Amazon Music Unlimited has been making huge strides as of late, and according to a recent which cites data from Media Research, the company’s subscriber base grew by 70 percent over the past year, putting Amazon in third place with roughly 32 million subscribers.

There is no doubt that the numbers are still a little backward when it comes to competing with the likes of Apple Music who currently stands at 50 million subscribers and Spotify who packs double the number of Apple as it recently reported a groundbreaking record of 100 million active subscribers according to the previous report, of course, the numbers keep counting. That been said, if Amazon can keep up with its current pace, the sky is definitely not the limits.

Also, one would wonder how Amazon has managed to rise so quickly in the last few months. The e-commerce giant has a lot working in its favor including a lower price than its competitors (assuming you have a Prime subscription) which stands at only $7.99 per month for Prime subscribers, and its Echo smart speakers which offer seamless integration. All this equals a big deal to some customer, especially in the wake of more streaming services.

In the coming years, there is no doubt that Amazon would record as much number as that of Spotify and Apple, considering that it joined the game much later which is why it still hasn’t met up with there numbers in the first place.

Do you think Amazon can compete at the same pace as Apple Music, and Spotify in a few years time? Please share your thought in the comments below.


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