Amazon Sets up First AWS Data Center in South-Africa, Africa

US e-commerce giant, Amazon has just launched three data centers in Cape Town, South Africa, the first of its kind in the region

These are the first set of data centers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be launched by Amazon in the African region. In order to minimize the risk of having the same event impacting the service’s overall operations, these three data centers have been situated far apart from each other.

The aim of AWS is to provide faster connectivity for developers, start-ups, and enterprises. It also extends to the government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

To boost the effect of AWS, each of these three availability zones will have power, cooling, and physical security. They would also be connected via redundant ultra-low latency networks. In addition, they will be equipped with backup power in cases of electricity failures and load shedding.

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Talking about the launch, Amazon said in a statement that; “Starting today, developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations can run their applications and serve end-users in Africa. The service will now allow clients to store data locally and retain complete ownership of their content and data”


While this is not the first activity of Amazo in the Africa region, specifically in South Africa; In 2014, The Company set up a development center in Cape Town. In 2015, Amazon set up an Amazon Web Service office in Johannesburg. In 2017, they also introduced the Amazon Global Network through the AWS Direct Connect. In 2018, the first major infrastructure called the Amazon Cloud Front Locations was launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The launch of AWS data centers can be considered as a move by Amazon to rival its competitors. In 2018, Microsoft Corp’s Azure launched a data center in Johannesburg and just last year launched another in Cape Town. Also, Huawei, a Chinese hardware major has already announced that it would be building data centers in South Africa.

Amazon and the other two companies have been able to leverage the opportunities created by the weak data server infrastructure in Africa. Regardless, it is still quite unclear how much cloud services are on demand in Africa.


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[…] Amazon Sets up First AWS Data Center in South-Africa, Africa […]