Amazon will Stream Premier League Soccer for Free on Twitch

The E-commerce company, Amazon, will be streaming football premier league for free on Twitch later this month

With Amazon planning to stream the football premier league on Twitch, Twitch viewers will be able to access the 4 games which will be starting June, 29th. The premier league streams will also include comment sections where the fans will be able to cheer for their preferred clubs with emojis and more.

The four fixtures are part of the premier league’s coronavirus restart strategy which makes football more accessible during the ongoing pandemic. Broadcasters like BBC has also started to shows game for the first time. It also airs additional games to make up for lack of fans in the stadium.

This is the first time Amazon is steaming the Premier League games via its Twitch service for free. The company has secured the right to stream the Premier League matches in the UK for three years in 2018. It also streamed multiple games simultaneously through Prime Video during the holidays last year.

The first match to be streamed is Crystal Palace vs. Burnley on June, 29 2020.
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