Amazon’s Fire TV monthly active users reaches 34 million

Amazon Fire TV like never before is now gaining more popularity and awareness alongside other services like Roku, and Apple TV

The TV service in the latest announcement revealed a major bump in the number of its monthly active users, and unlike what it used to be in the past, the company was able to record more numbers in the shortest period. With an addition of more than 9 million active users, Amazon Fire TV can now boast of up to 34 million active subscribers just between October 2018 and now.

Fire TV, though not typically offering any content on their own, they connect consumers to a wide array of other streaming services — including Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and even YouTube — in one convenient location. In addition to that, all users need to access most of these platforms is a small streaming device of their choice, such as the Fire TV Stick. This major advantage has rather been in the oblivion, not until recently that the Streaming network is becoming even more saturated and popular, and that could have perhaps been the reason for the current bump that Amazon Fire TV is experiencing as well.

That been said, the 34 million active users which were announced does not necessarily mean the total number of registered users for Amazon Fire TV,  in a normal scenario, the total number of subscribers is even expected to be higher, although there are no official words on the actual number of total subscribers. That been said, Amazon is still far away from competing with the likes of Spotify, considering that the music streaming service boasts of over 100 million active subscribers to become the first ever service to achieve such height.

For Amazon Fire TV, what is left to be concerned about is whether it can maintain such growth. Competing smart TV platform Roku reportedly has around 29 million monthly active users, so it could reasonably close the gap on Amazon in the coming months if perhaps Amazon fails to continue in its current pace.

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