Amazons New Advanced Smart Display Speakers


Firstly, there is what you call a smart speaker and also what you call a smart display. A smart display can be considered as an advancement of the smart speaker. In as much as they are both voice controlled, in such a way that you can still command its features from from a reasonable distance from across a room, but the upside that a smart display has that it also allows you to have access to features such as a reminder that can setup appointments, shopping lists, weather forecasts and reminders for you. Meaning after you set it once it registers, you would automatically be reminded when the time is right without having to utter a word.

The New smart displays have advanced additional features such as being able to save pictures on your phone and also, some are available with an inbuilt camera, music player. They also come in various sizes and colors pending on what you might have interest in and what part of your home you might want it layed, if you want it in a bigger space/ place like your living room or your kitchen, you might need a bigger one with better visuals and a good speaker so it can have maximum functionality in a big space.

For someone looking to get a smart display, what is most recommended is the Amazon Echo 8. 

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The Amazon Echo 8 is the middle child smart display speaker following Alexa Smart Displays. It has a bright 8-inch touchscreen, two powerful speakers that can put out a surprising level of volume, a built-in camera with a privacy shutter, and four microphones to hear voice commands. It doesn’t take up a ton of space on a counter, mantle, or bookshelf, but it can easily be seen or controlled from across a room.

It comes with a full LED touchscreen, meaning you can actually make use off the device without having to actually use your voice. Although it possesses exquisite features, it is not designed to be like an Ipad, it has limited functions to function in that manner.


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