Andela Layoff Over 400 Engineers Across Africa

The America-based software company and talent accelerator has just announced the layoff of about 420 engineers in three of its centers across Africa

In a press release authorized by the company; the action was taken as a result of the restructuring process specifically in the area of the talent pool, which apparently is the core focus of the company. While the layoff process mostly affected centers located in the Africa region, Engineers from centers in Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya happens to be the victimized ones.

In other reports, approximately 250 junior engineers from Uganda and Nigeria centers have been let go from their respective offices. While a total of 170 junior engineers from Kenya are reportedly awaiting a similar fate.

While the action by Andela may seem reckless to many, it is by far the best choice for the company, and on that note, it has been working towards a partnership with respective innovative hubs in the various countries to ensure that the sacked workers are connected “with opportunities in their local ecosystem”.

Also, random companies have seen the layoff by Andela rather as an opportunity to absorb pure talents, and as of the time of writing this article, there are about sixty companies that have been identified who are willing to hire the laid-off tech talents, according to Andela. It is expected that the placements will work out in order to lessen the economic impact this development could have potentially had on the affected staffers.

Why speaking about the layoff, Andela ’s Co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Johnson, said customers’ demands informed the decision to layoff the staffers. He specifically stated that Andela’s customers are in need of more highly-skilled and highly-experienced (senior) tech professionals instead of junior engineers. In view of this, therefore, Andela plans to hire and equip some 700 senior tech professionals by next year, in a bid to meet customers’ demands.

“As the talent world has evolved, we have as well, and over the past few years, it’s become increasingly clear that the world needs what Andela provides: high-quality engineering-as-a-service. It has also become clear, however, that the majority of the demand is for more experienced talent, and to keep up with it, we need to grow our senior talent base even faster.

“This shift in demand also means that we now have more junior talent than we are able to place. This is a challenge for the business, and for these junior engineers who want, and deserve, authentic work experiences that we are not able to provide.”

In the meantime, Andela has appealed to its many customers to exercise no fear, as there is nothing to worry about, considering that the announcement made by the company have little or no consequential effect on the company.


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