APCON’s Move To Vet Online-Ads Gets A Red Flag From Twitter Users

In line with the recent move by the Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria- APCON, to commence a vetting procedure on online advertising in the country; the act by the Government Agency has, however, successfully stared controversial discussion on various arms of the social media networks, with Twitter hosting the most of the communications to that regard so far.

Starting on the evening of Thursday, a Twitter user shared photos of a letter received from APCON, addressed to a business with the name Bryruby Fabrics, a Lagos-based clothing brand. According to the content of the letter, the business owner had run a Facebook advert without first presenting for “vetting and approval.”

Attached to the tweet also is the screenshot of the Facebook advert, which Bryruby Fabrics told a reliable source they ran for 10 days from September 1 at ₦3,625. Of course, the run cost of the ad is far less than the amount charged by APCON as base fee for online-ads which starts at ₦25,000. Well, that’s by the way. Below is the tweet under review.

While the initial tweet by tweeter user whose handle title goes by Canadian AphroDité @chandni_lish did not only show her expression towards the government Agency, it also did well to stare other controversial tweets as seen below;

While the conversation had heated so much, a relief tweet s seen below, suggesting that the Federal Government had stepped into the situation ruling against APCON’s move.

 Additionally, another tweeter user also provided a sample letter suggesting how to reply to the APCON perhaps they send a letter similar to that of Bryruby Fabrics. Check it out below;

Do you think APCON’s move is an intelligent one? Please share your tought in the comment section below.

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