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Apple New Emoji Arriving in iOS and Android Before the End of the Year

Apple has come up with a new emoji designs that will be coming to iOS and Android before the end of the year

The motive behind the new emoji designs is to celebrate World Emoji Day. The Apple new emoji include a ninja, an all-gender sign, a coin, bubble tea, a dodo, and a pinata.

There is also a pair of lungs, an anatomical heart. It also includes the transgender symbol which makes it more gender-inclusive.

It is however not clear when the gender flag, the smiling face with a single tear, the gender-inclusive veil and the tuxedo options will ben rolling out.

The new emoji design will be rolling out on iOS 14 this fall. Apple will also be rolling out new colored face mask options for Memojis, Avatars.

This will be used by users to create their lookalikes and also let them track their facial movements.

In other news, Google will also be rolling out its new quick access emoji bar globally. This gives Gboard users a more convenient way to access their frequently used emoji rather than having to open the specific emoji menu.


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