Apple AR Glasses Reportedly Launching In 2022


Apple Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses are said to be launching in 2022, as it under development

This was disclosed in a news report by DigiTimes who said a full statement is yet to be released.

“Apple AR glasses under development

Taiwan-based optical component suppliers are engaged in the development of Apple’s augmented reality smart glasses, which may be commercialized by 2022, according to industry sources.” Part of the statement reads.

An earlier report from November claimed that Apple is developing two head-worn products, including a combination AR/VR headset for release in 2022 and “full-fledged” AR glasses for release by 2023.

According to a report by the Information, it said, “Apple’s initial headset will resemble Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but with a “sleeker design” that makes “heavy use of fabrics and lightweight materials to ensure the device is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.”

The report added that the headset will be a “high-resolution display” which will allow users to read small type and see other people standing in front of and behind virtual objects. The report also added that Apple will be reaching out to developers by 2021 to build the hardware.

For the AR glasses, it will be designed for users to wear all day long. It was previously reported that the original version looked exactly like a high-priced sunglasses with thick frames that has the battery and chips. There is, however, a high possibility this could change.

The Apple headset was meant to be released in 2020, but the company deliberately delayed the project due to the ongoing pandemic.

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