Apple Arcade Price Just Got Reduced To A Lot Cheaper Price


Apple’s Arcade, game subscription service just got cheaper with the company’s emerging video game subscription service

This was reported by the German tech blog The new subscription for the Apple Arcade is  $49.99 (₦18,121) per year, which is about $10 cheaper than subscribing each month for 12 months. However, the Arcade subscription still remains $4.99 (₦1,627).

This means customers can now access the new pricing in the Account tab on their iOS App Store, in the upper right-hand corner, by clicking on Subscriptions.

Arcade which was launched in September has over 100 games including “Pac-Man,” “Lego” and “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Apple is venturing into selling services which include: Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud, which rose by more than 16% over the past year.

In addition to the above mentioned, Apple Arcade, Apple is also offering discounted annual subscription prices for its other services, including Apple Music and Apple TV+.

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