Apple Card will not support multiple users


Just the other day, Apple announced the Apple Card at “Its Showtime” event. This is Apple’s take on the credit card where it can be used in software form on the iPhone, or users can even request for a physical version of the card where it can be used in places that do not support Apple Pay.

Unfortunately for those who are hoping for multi-user support, that will be a no-go. This is according to a new report that claims there would be no support for multiple users. As to why this might have even been a question, to begin with, this is because Apple accounts can feature multiple credit cards, meaning one for each user.

However, the Apple Card will basically be one card per account. The report also claims that if you want the physical version of the Apple Card, there will be no costs associated with it, despite it being made of titanium. In fact, should you ever lose the card and request for a new one, Apple will not be charging customers a penalty either.

The Apple Card is expected to be launched later this year in the US, but Goldman Sachs, the issuing bank, has confirmed that they will be looking into bringing the Apple Card to more markets around the world.

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