Apple claims iPhone XR has been topping iPhone sales since release

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With Apple announcing that they will no longer be sharing details like how many iPhones have been sold, it has led many to wonder how well the company’s iPhones are doing. After all, if they’re selling in the millions, it should be something worth bragging about, right? This was one of the concerns surrounding the iPhone XR, in which it has been suggested that the phone might not be selling as well as Apple had hoped.

However that might not necessarily be the case, according to Apple’s VP of product marketing, Greg Joswiak, he confirmed that the iPhone XR was selling just fine. According to Joswiak, he claims that the iPhone XR has been the company’s most popular iPhone “each and every day” since it was released, suggesting that it could be outselling the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Previously, analysts have expressed their doubt over the iPhone XR, hence, painting a similar picture to the iPhone 5c which did not do well at all. Price cuts over in Japan have also led to speculation that Apple could be looking to boost sales by making the phone cheaper.

However, assuming that Joswiak’s comments are accurate, it seems that the phone is doing just fine, but we’ll probably need to wait for Apple’s next financial report to get an idea of how well its iPhone business on a whole is doing.

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