Apple Commences Production of its High-end iPhone 11 in India

The tech giant, for the first time, is reportedly assembling its flagship iPhone in a facility situated in India

Apple, although have had an assembly facility in India since 2017, it was rather known for the production of the company’s budget devices, however, in the latest development, the company is considering relocating the production of its more sophisticated devices to Chennai, India.

While this is coming after a long consideration to take such a step, it is believed that it would be very profitable for the phone maker, considering that India was the second-largest phone market in 2019, ahead of the US and second to China which still remains atop of the chat.

Speaking on the future plans, a source close to the company revealed that Apple intends to scale up its production with less dependence on its China plant who is responsible for most of its current iPhone production.

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On the flip side, Apple is currently responsible for only 1 percent of the mobile market share in India, although interestingly, it tops the premium smartphone market ahead of the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

Looking inward, the new move by Apple will save them about 20% of the cost of import duty, meaning that the sales of locally made products tend to be more profitable and could even boost the company’s overall market share moving forward.

Although this is still a developing story, we would lookout for more details and keep you updated as more events unfold.

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