Apple Considers Delay Of Next iPhone Launch

GP: Apple iPhone silhouette

Since the year 2011, Apple has successfully launched new devices in the month of September and October, and these launches contribute just about half of Apples revenue, unfortunately, with everything that is going on now, Apple just might receive a huge blow as regards to the Covid-19 situation.

Apple has decided to delay it new iPhone launch by “months” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and also the After math, after hopefully, it comes to an end eventually. This season has hurt Apple because it has lost buyers and consumers as most people have decided to stay put, rather than go on purchasing.

However, the new iPhone is to support 5G networks, and that being a big deal to them, has put a huge pressure on Apple for the device to be a hit.

More so, Apples headquarters in Silicon Valley is now under shelter, and has its employees working from home, Apple might not be able to fire up its new iPhone until the Covid-19 saga comes to an end. Apple has not commented on this issue.

The outbreak and response to COVID-19 has raised several challenges for Apple’s business, including disruption of its China-based supply chain for manufacturing, and now questions about consumer demand for high-end devices in countries that have shut down their economies to slow the virus. Global smartphone shipments dropped 38% year over year in February, according to an estimate from Strategy Analytics, a research firm.


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