Apple Gives Guidelines on How to Assemble New Face Shield

Apple has shared a document on how to assemble the new shield when it is delivered to health workers

The document includes a series of images and animations showing how the simple three-piece product can be assembled for either a regular fit or with extra space between the user’s face and the shield. It also showed how the latex-free silicone strap should be threaded to secure the shield and forehead band together and around the user’s head.

The company included a video showing how to assemble the shield also gave instructions on how to use and sterilize the shield for reusing. There is also a printable PDF version of the instruction sheet that came with the shields. The paper copy includes a link and a Quick Response (QR) code to make it easy to get to the online instructions.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook in a video said there can be 100 units of the new face shields per box.

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