Apple Kick-starts Its Bug Bounty Program, Adding $1 million As Reward


Apple just recently opened its bug bounty program to all security researchers by offering them a whole lot of money if they can discover major flaws in its operating systems

Huge tech companies always put their products through various tests before pushing it to the public, but after some product launch, bugs were discovered in it despite all the beta testing.

A bug is a coding error in a computer program and that is why Apple decided to bring in the bug bounty program where companies can reward the public for spotting bugs that they have missed.

Any researcher who happens to find any bug in a beta version will earn a 50 percent bonus in addition to the standard reward. According to the rules, researchers will have to submit a detailed description of the issue. As for rewards, Apple is offering up to $1 million (#362,500,000.00 in Naira).

Apple’s bug bounty program was launched in 2016 and thus making its appearance for the first time since then. It was previously an invite-only program. For the interested persons who are willing to help Apple fix its problem, should visit their website at

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