Apple macOS may get Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time too

Apple macOS and iOS as much as they share a lot of similarities also lacks features present on the other and vice versa

Apple informed in a new announcement that the macOS will soon get two of the recently adopted features on the iOS- the Siri Shortcut and the Screen Time. Both features have been absent on the macOS since their arrival, however, macOS users may have the chance to use the same features sooner than later. Apple revealed Siri Shortcuts at WWDC last year. It opens up the voice assistant, allowing you to create custom Siri commands for various apps, though you might need to download a Marzipan app (those ported from iPad to Mac) from the Mac App Store to use Shortcuts on your computer.

While the tech giant is planning a major version of Operating System (OS) for sometimes around June, several leaks have been suggesting features that could possibly find their ways to the new OS, and the earlier stated ones are also among to that may be officially adopted on the macOS. The new move will also be an important one for developers most especially, considering that they will now have the opportunity to make sure the Shortcuts for their apps still work after they port them to macOS.

Apple’s possible plan for a Screen Time will also offer users the option to see how much time you spend on iPhone (and perhaps soon, your Mac), and how you divide your time among various apps or categories of apps. It also allows you to set time limits. According to the report, you’ll be able to configure Screen Time from your system preferences. Apple is also said to be working on improved Apple ID management for macOS, as well as on bringing iMessage effects including fireworks to your desktop.

That been said, Apple has a lot in stock for its next major OS, and while none of the things you hear now has no official backing yet, it is important to take every information as a possibility and not a fact.


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