Apple may be working on a biometric unlock security for cars


No doubt that Apple has remained one of the leading innovative tech brands over the years and there endless thirst for it has kept them in the stardom pace

Just if you are wondering what this article is all about, then you might want to imagine opening your door with an Apple-customized biometric unlock system. That sounds like a great idea right? I guess yes!

If you’ve got the right car, you can already use your smartphone as a car key, and Hyundai is slated to release a vehicle that can be unlocked with a fingerprint later this year. Now, it seems that Apple is working on a system that also let drivers gain access to their vehicles via biometrics.

According to a recent publication, a published-patent called “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization,” describes mobile biometric authentication technology that could see Face ID used to secure cars. On second thought, one can think of this idea to technically pave the way for separate “user accounts” on a vehicle, with individual settings for music, seat positioning and climate control, all initiated by the driver simply approaching the vehicle. However, while the patent was believed to have been published several years back, it came to limelight just in 2017, two years ago; and while so much has changed about the tech giant, even in the space of two years,  particularly around its self-driving vehicle efforts. So it’s not clear whether the patent represents an active project, or if — as is the case for so many tech companies — Apple’s simply getting in there with the right paperwork to protect its ideas for the future. While none of this will be surfacing any moment soon, one can hope that in the future, it will turn out to be a possible technology.


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