Apple to redesign the Airpods

Apple to redesign the Airpods

The year is quite far spent than you would expect and a number of brands have been working seriously on launching new devices for the new year

Apple among several other brands has had quite a though the end of the year, with its net capital dropping back a little below a trillion, a height it recently achieved, hence, taking a second position right after Microsoft who is currently the most valuable tech company. Well, the sad news is not strong enough to bring Apple down, instead, the former trillion company teases to be working on a new airpod that will support wireless charging and its likely to launch in the early part of 2019.

When Apple effectively scrubbed all mention of its AirPower wireless charging mat when it didn’t show up a year after its unveiling, that raised a question: would the wireless charging case for AirPods meet a similar fate? Not necessarily. Historically accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that AirPods with wireless charging support should arrive in the first quarter of 2019. He also suggested that there would be more changes than you might expect. They’d update to a newer Bluetooth spec (presumably Bluetooth 5.0), possibly a new W-series chip, and would include design changes like a more heat-resistant hinge.

The anticipated device would, however, require more funding to be achievable, considering that the hinge and new internal components will be more expensive to make, Kuo said, although he didn’t say if that would raise the prices. I think it should affect the pricing. But with one not very sure if the mat will still be a follow come feature, then it pretty cool to expect the unexpected from the new device. This doesn’t rule out its debut, but the technical issues that have plagued AirPower could have the upgraded AirPods launching by themselves.

Well, in the main time, you might just stick to waiting for a new set of airpods from Apple. Kuo informed that there were an ‘all-new designs’ on its way, but you might not just be able to sight any until sometimes around 2020. Past rumors have pointed to Apple working on a pod device with water resistant feature that would launch in 2019 at the earliest, but it’s not certain if that’s what Kuo is referencing. Whatever happens, you might have to live with Apple’s existing audio candy canes for a while longer. For me, it’s never too old for this era, so I’m just going to be here sipping my coffee until then.

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