Apple May Start Paying For Exclusive Podcast


Apple seems to be far away from producing a large number of original content when it comes to its podcast service, and at that, the company is reportedly planning to fund exclusive contents

Since all Apple media services now stand-alone, including podcast, there is a need to feed each and everyone with sufficient contents, however, it takes a lot of effort to dedicate into such hectic activity, as it will often require the company to simultaneously produce content for each service.

Talking about content, it requires a lot of time, and finance to come up with outstanding content, and apart from funding, it takes a whole lot of dedication to achieve any good result. At that, money is certainly not the problem, however, time and dedication may just be hard to come by at this particular time that company is investing so much in major services like its new streaming service- Apple TV+.

In an attempt to make up for its lapses in the area of Podcast, Apple is reportedly looking to buy exclusive rights to original podcasts, and according to a reliable source, Bloomberg, the company has reached out to executives of media companies, but there’s no clear strategy in place yet. The source also told that since Apple’s share of the podcast market is so large (anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of podcast listeners are estimated to tune in on the Podcasts app), any movement would likely shake up the industry.

One would also like to ask the question of ‘Why now?’. There is no doubt that demand for the podcast services has recently been on the rise, and with more streaming services, including Spotify, and Stitchers already investing in exclusive contents, it is only reasonable for a tech giant like Apple to also find a way around diving into a similar ambition.

Just last month, Spotify signed an exclusive podcast deal with Higher Ground, the production company of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, among other partnerships. For now, Apple hasn’t stated any partnership yet, but we certainly will let you be aware once they do.

One more thing, a lot may change with 2005 established Apple Podcast with the intervention of the exclusive program. As a matter of fact, ever since the establishment of the Podcasts platforms onto iTunes 14 years back, Apple hasn’t made any moves to monetize it, however, such ideology might soon change with the upcoming development, considering that Users may have to pay extra for a podcast subscription service just like they do for Apple TV Plus.


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