Apple might fail to have sales’ rebound until 2020


Analyst familiar with Apple’s market just affirmed that the tech giant might not have a sales’ bump until sometimes late in 2020

I don’t know if this is actually meant to be believed, but I think with Apple’s current stake in the mobility market, there might just be an epitom of truth in the analyst affirmation. Also, if you paid close attention to the smartphone space, you can easily tell that Apple is having quite a tough time, especially in terms of mobile sale; more specifically talking about the most recent flagship that include the iPhone XS, XS Mas, and XR, although the ‘XR’ pose to be a remarkable phone, and to some extent stood out with a hike in sales, hence, posing as the saviour of the day for the tech giant.

After the initial sales drop, a lot of analyst thought the tech giant will have a rebound in sales, despite efforts to boost sales through trade-in promotions, the issues have likely been “carried over into the current quarter.” as a matter of fact, for a couple of months now, nothing seems to have change just yet, and in the advent of more innovative devices coming to the mobile market now, there is a possibility that Apple may still suffer the bad sales for a while more, and it might be as far as 2020.

The 2019 lineup, which may sport a smaller notch and a new rear design, should see flat sales versus the current-gen 2018 iPhone series. Sales in China may improve slightly – iPhone revenue is expected to total $141 billion during fiscal 2020, up slightly from the $136 billion forecast set for fiscal 2019 – but the damage has already been done, the analyst claimed.

Looking towards the 2020 iPhone lineup and fiscal 2021, UBS does believe iPhone sales could bounce back by a significant margin as it could be the “next big phone cycle.” However, this prediction is largely based on the expectation of a 5G iPhone and potentially a foldable device from the company.

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