Apple Now Lets You Imprint Poop Emojis On Your AirPods Case


Apple is now letting users engrave a poop emoji of their choice on their AirPods case

Apple once offered the option to engrave text on select products that users could purchase through its online store. According to MacRumors, the company is now allowing users to engrave emoji onto its AirPods cases.

Giving further details, the news report said Apple will let you put a limited set of emojis on the Airpod cases. However, there are some pretty function options you can choose from ranging from all the Zodiac animals, fist bump to poop emoji. Here are the emojis:

Sadly, Apple will not let you engrave both text and emoji on your Airpods case, which means you have to choose one. But if you only get text engraved on the case, it appears Apple has made the engraved font significantly larger than it was before.

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