Apple Plans To Release A GaN USB-C Charger With 65W Fast Charge

Apple is planning to release a GaN USB-C Charger with 65W Fast-Charge This Year

According to the news report, Apple is among tech companies that have plans to release Gallium Nitride technology, which provides fast-charging solutions through a USB-C interface and a fast-charging up to 65 Watts.

“In addition to Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, and Apple all have deep accumulation in GaN technology. Xiaomi, a supplier of Xiaomi GaN solutions, said that following Xiaomi, “this year, several manufacturers of the same size as Xiaomi will release GaN power adapters.” Caifa News reports.

The GaN technology uses components that are lesser than the standard silicon chargers which allow them to be manufactured in a smaller casing than a standard power adapter. For example, Choetech’s new 61W Wall Charger is half the size of the original 61W MacBook charger

In another news report, by GizChina, it said that Xiaomi recently released a new GaN charger that uses the technology. The charger comes with a USB-Type-C interface that supports up to 65W fast-charge and can also give Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro a full-charge in 45 minutes.

I am not sure what the company plans to do with the technology, but it notes that GaN benefits from its ability to adjust product automatically depending on the device it is connected to.

So be ready to see more adaptable Apple chargers that will support multiple devices like its iPhones and Macbooks.

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