Apple releases new ad, trolls other smartphone brands few days to CES


The Big CES event is less than two days to go live and there has been a lot of buzzes around it

Apple has just released a new ad that reads “What happens on your iPhone stays on iPhone “, and it seems it was done in an attempt to troll other smartphone brands. Who can actually tell if it was just a mere PR stunt to create awareness before the big event?

Historically, Apple hasn’t had an official presence at CES. It’s not surprising given the company’s success at hosting and hyping its own product launch events. Long before the iPod and iPhone brought Apple to the top of the technology mountain, Steve Jobs keynotes were can’t miss events. The company is also very deliberate about its marketing campaigns; when I see Apple billboard ads, they focus on new product close-ups with minimal messaging.

This trolling of a thing, however, didn’t come as a surprise at all, who is not aware of Apple’s strict privacy policy- which for me, I believe its the company’s selling point. Unlike androids and other phone OS that allow you to share media files, and other data within the Android world; Apple strictly disapproves such and that has been one of its best specs since establishment. The company has long said that it doesn’t make money from its users’ personal information, but from selling people hardware and software. That privacy priority came into clear focus three years ago when Apple refused to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone that belonged to a suspected terrorist in San Bernardino, CA. And throughout 2018, new security scandals seemingly emerged every week (with Facebook almost always leading the way) and the government took a major interest in what technology giants like Google are doing with our personal data.

In a world where privacy is very key to inhabitant, Apple has found a way to ensure it many customers that they have simply chosen the best choice that is yet; Apple is saying to the technology industry that it stands alone. “Do whatever you want in the city of sin,” the billboard barks, “we’ll never know.”

Ultimately, this is just one ad that just builds on a message Apple has been crafting for years. But the company is nothing if not deliberate with its messaging as I suppose they are. This probably isn’t the start of a large-scale, national ad campaign, but touting its focus on privacy for all the tech industry to see makes a statement that goes way beyond a single billboard. I believe you do agree with me on this, if otherwise, you can leave an alternative opinion in the comment post below.

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