Apple Reportedly Developing Satellite Technology To Support Its Devices


Apple is reportedly developing Satelite technology to support its devices

This was disclosed by Bloomberg. According to the news agency, the technology is to transmit data to users’ devices. It also added that the technology could improve its maps service and location. It could also boost mobile reception and internet coverage.

It is however not clear what the company wants to do with the satellite, whether it wants to develop the technology or utilize others’ satellites.

Bloomberg giving more updates on the technology said Apple has enough engineers working on the project. The team working on the project is led by aerospace engineers, Michael Trela and John Fenwick. The two engineers were the ones who previously worked for Skybox Imaging, a satellite imaging firm bought by Google in 2014. While at Google, Trela and Fenwick worked on satellites and spacecraft before moving to Apple in 2017.

It is not known whether the technology will fail, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken an interest in the project, This is, however, a positive sign as the company is increasing its spending on Research and Development.


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