Apple To Reopen All Stores In Mainland China Today

As the coronavirus continues to spread, Apple is preparing to reopen all its stores in mainland China by today

This was confirmed in a report by Bloomberg who said the stores will be reopened today at the local time.

The shutdown of Apple’s selected stores in China began in January and early February due to the coronavirus. As the spread of the virus is now reducing, the company has decided to reopen the stores, with more than half of retail locations in the country opened.

Due to the closure of its stores in China, Apple announced that it might not meet its March quarter revenue goals, citing both restrained iPhone supplies globally and lower customer demand for Apple products in China.

Government data shared earlier this week suggested that Apple sold 60% fewer iPhones in China in February 2020 compared to February 2019. Coronavirus infection numbers and deaths have been steadily declining in China over the course of the last few weeks.

Apple may soon start to face store closures in the United States as the virus continues to spread, with 1,832 deaths and 41 cases in the country.

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