Apple Watch’s ECG feature could expand to more countries soon


Last year, Apple integrated the ECG feature in its Apple Watch and it has proven to be a literal lifesaver. Unfortunately, the feature is only available in the US because due to different regulations used around the world by different governments, Apple will need to work their way through various regulatory hurdles before it finds its way to more markets.

However, for those living in the UK and Europe, it seems that there is a good chance that the ECG feature could be headed your way soon. This is according to a new report that claims that some Apple Watch users are seeing the ECG screens on their iPhones.

This has led to speculation that Apple could be gearing the feature up for launch and that it might be part of watchOS 5.2’s update. There is no word on when the feature will be released, but it looks like it could be soon. Previously it was speculated that it could actually take a few years due to potential regulatory issues, but if this report is accurate, it could actually arrive sooner than we thought, which is a good thing. However, until it actually does, take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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