Apple won’t allow cryptocurrency mining on iOS

Apple won’t allow cryptocurrency mining on iPhone

For those interested in cryptocurrencies, don’t expect to do any mining via apps installed on the iPhone. Apple recently updated its App Store review guidelines and has specifically lay down the law to ban apps from mining for Bitcoins and other virtual currencies unless it is done off-device i.e. via the cloud.

These new guidelines were released by the company during its Worldwide Developers’ Conference for apps that are distributed through the App Store, which is the only way developers can deliver apps for the platform since iOS doesn’t allow sideloading of apps.

The updated App Store review guidelines makes it clear that apps cannot offer cryptocurrencies as a reward for performing certain tasks such as downloading certain apps, or posting messages on social media. It clarifies in a section related to cryptocurrencies that while apps may facilitate the storage of digital currencies, they have to be offered by developers that are enrolled as an organization.

Cryptocurrency mining requires special, powerful hardware that can solve complex mathematical formulas, which verify a cryptocurrency transaction in the blockchain.

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